DIGITAL NOMADS morocco sofa digital nomads workation

One of our dreams was to be able to combine surf and work. Living close to the ocean is our definition of paradise and a lifestyle that we cherish and want to share with other passionate likeminded people. 

Above all we hope that more individuals can engage in their passion, spend more time doing what they love to do but also be productive within their businesses. 

Swell.House has become this place, a place where freelance surfers, long time travellers or newly passionate surfers started gathering and sharing. 

From musicians, photographers to illustrators, we had the chance to host different creative personalities and started to build a community of like-minded people in need of connections and mutual aid.

In order to keep this community growing, we are offering this experience to anyone with our workation package. 

If you are a freelance, willing to be, or just in need of inspiration, this place is what you need. The surf house offers an uplifting atmosphere where everyone can share their own personal projects and hopefully help each other out. 



Capsule design dorm

2 meals per day

Made with love and fresh products

Fiber internet

Available in all the house

Swell House team

Available 24/7

Minimum stay

2 weeks

Full access

Make your office anywhere in the house