Private or capsule

Swell house team

Available 24/7


Fresh & Healthy

Best tips

Spots in the area

Wifi access

In all the house

Free purified water

Tea and coffee all day morocco double room


Compose your own tailor-made formula on a bed & breakfast basis !

The base (Included):

  • Accommodation in our surf house (rooms)
  • Breakfast
  • Access to wifi in all the surf house
  • Illimited filtered water, tea and coffee
  • The Swell house team available for you 24/7


  • Moroccan dinner (12€/p)
  • Surf lesson day  (40€/p)
  • Yoga lesson on the roof top (17€/p)
  • Surf equipment (wetsuits 7€/d & surfboards 12€/d)
  • Airport transfer (Agadir, Marrakech, etc)
  • Massage, Hammam, Hiking


Available for a minimum of 2 weeks stay. This package is aimed at the digital nomad who is looking for an inspirational place to settle close to the ocean. We provide a good wifi connection and half board, allowing you to focus fully on your work.


  • Accommodation in the dormitory
  • Meals (breakfast, dinner and Moroccan tea) made with love and fresh products
  • Access to fiber internet in all the surf house
  • Illimited filtered water, tea and coffee
  • The Swell house team available for you 24/7
workation in morocco, digital nomad at Swell.House
Surf et yoga au Maroc, Swell.House


You need a place for a Yoga retreat, Coliving, Shooting, Events, etc… The Swell.House is matching your needs ? Drop us an email, we will tailor-made a solution for you. 


  • Level 1: “I never tried surfing before »

  • Level 2: “I’ve tried surfing before, only a few times. I still struggle with the basics: paddling & popping up.”

  • Level 3: “With assistance, I’m able to stand up and go straight on a wave, with decent control.”

  • Level 4: “In waves that are waist to shoulder high, I can paddle past the break, catch unbroken waves by myself and go left and right on the face of the wave. I want to have more control on my surfboard, do basic turns and change direction.”

  • Level 5: “I have good control on my Surfboard & can turn to change direction. I want to practice Cutbacks, generating speed, bottom turns, top turns & more.”

  • Level 6: « I can surf all conditions, do advanced maneuvers »

Quel est mon niveau de surf ? Swell House