Surf lesson day

6 students max per instructor


Surfboard & Wetsuit

Video analysis

Included in surf lessons

Selection of surf spots

According to your level


The surf culture

Lots of sun

Many smiles


Morocco is a long-time favourite of ours, we are forever amazed by its culture and landscape. There is no shortage of things to do here. 

The amazing climate (300 days of sun per year) makes it one of the best winter destination around Europe. The water is not too cold and you can enjoy the warmest sun to cheer you up and get a sun tan before going back home. 

With very consistent swells and a large diversity of surf spots, Morocco is one of the best surf destinations in the world. 
From beginner surf breaks to big challenging waves, there is plenty of choice for everyone. 

You can find sandy beach breaks, reef breaks, but most of all a lot of endless right hander point breaks.  

With all it’s variety of waves, it can be hard to choose the right spot and the right tide for surfing, that’s why our team are here to guide you and make sure that you find the right waves to suit your abilities.


At Swell House, we share our passion for surfing. Our intention is that you spend high quality time in the water, so you leave us with a big smile and some new surfing skills. During our teaching sessions we ensure you get a clear understanding of the ocean and good surf etiquette. The ability to read the waves correctly or predict other surfers moves, will enable you to know your limits, find the right spot for you and stay safe and comfortable in the water. By following this approach, we guarantee a more enjoyable learning process but also a faster improvement of your surfing skills.

During your time with us, you will experience unique and personalized teaching : all our teachers are ISA licensed and passionate surfers willing to share their knowledge. In order to offer you personal attention and adjust our instruction individually we work with only 6 students per coach during all lessons. You will have the opportunity to really take your surfing to the next level.


  • Level 1: “I never tried surfing before »

  • Level 2: “I’ve tried surfing before, only a few times. I still struggle with the basics: paddling & popping up.”

  • Level 3: “With assistance, I’m able to stand up and go straight on a wave, with decent control.”

  • Level 4: “In waves that are waist to shoulder high, I can paddle past the break, catch unbroken waves by myself and go left and right on the face of the wave. I want to have more control on my surfboard, do basic turns and change direction.”

  • Level 5: “I have good control on my Surfboard & can turn to change direction. I want to practice Cutbacks, generating speed, bottom turns, top turns & more.”

  • Level 6: « I can surf all conditions, do advanced maneuvers »