We have a thing for food; we like it generous, healthy and delicious. Our menus are designed combining local specialities with our French origin to create healthy food that nurtures our body and soul. 

If you are food lovers like us, you will understand and appreciate the importance of healthy nutritious meals. We believe that good food sets the tone of our days, determines our mood and provides us with the energy we need for a full day of surfing. 

Sourcing fresh, locally produced ingredients is essential to us. We are trying to minimise our impact on the environment in every way so we buy seasonal vegetables and fruits at the local market, avoiding products that have a large carbon footprint. 

Although we don’t follow any particular diet, we serve local meat and fish as well as vegetarian dishes but can adapt to everyone’s needs ( feel free to advise us of your dietary requirements when booking ). 

Our philosophy is to create homemade and tasty meals for you, so everything is cooked and prepared fresh daily. 

While breakfasts are generally inspired by western style food, our chef Yassine cooks delicious local specialties every night for dinner. 

Eating is a time to cherish, that’s why we like to eat all our meals together at the communal table, this encourages us to meet and exchange thoughts and experiences. 

We welcome everybody in our restaurants but require 24 hour’s notice for outside guests and visitors